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Zipp Tangente Speed Clincher Tire

by Zipp

Please see photos for detailed specifications.

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Zipp decided they needed to create a clincher tire that would be the match for their wheels. It would have to roll insanely well and have a shape to complement the killer aerodynamics of their wheels. The result is the Tangente Speed Tire.

The Speed tire starts off with a 220 threads per inch (tpi) nylon casing. The carcass is light and supple. It takes very little energy to spin, and it’s easy to deform-both are important in terms of achieving maximum speed, little weight minimizes the effort to accelerate the wheels, easy deformation means low rolling resistance. It’s held to the rim by a light, strong Kevlar bead. Less rotating weight is always better, but so, too is the security to run the tires at the pressure you need.

They then focused on the rubber. They specifically looked at maximizing grip and shaping the rubber for the best possible leading and trailing edges.

The tire is fast. In terms of rolling resistance tests, it is one of the fastest if not the fastest clincher tire you can find. Two 25mm wide of these, with latex tubes, on wheels ridden at 40kph cost the rider only 28 watts of resistance. The slightly more aero, narrower, 23mm tires, take up only 31w.

The tire is light. A 23mm 700c tire weighs 180g.

This is a tire for racing. This is a tire for smooth roads. This is a tire for the track. To keep this as fast as possible, they skipped including a puncture protection belt under the tread. If you want that kind of protection, check out their Tangente Course tire.

Tire pressure is important in getting up to, and keeping, speed. Zipp includes a tire pressure chart, and following it is a good idea. The tread is directional. Check the sidewall before mounting.

The Zipp Tangente Speed Clincher Tire makes all your wheels faster.